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Advancing clinical care in the pre-hospital setting.
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First aid and medical cover for events uk wide
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First aid training and clinical education.
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Special Projects

Solutions for the hostile, remote and security industries

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As the First aid initiative co-ordinator I take great pride in seeing our skilled event first aiders flourish. We have trained them, let them experience pre-hospital care by shadowing healthcare professionals and allowed them to practice and develop their skills. All the participating members of our team are now working to a standard that is a credit to Jigsaw Medical Services.

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Recent events have really reinforced this opinion, not just for myself but by other staff, event organisers and our service users.
This is far from the end of the line however. Our team are constantly developing their knowledge and skills and we are even helping a fair few of our team take the big step to studying Paramedic practice/science at university.

There are a set of values we select at application and reinforce during training that seems to attract and develop such a great team. We always encourage people to join for the right reasons. Many people think the role entails lots of excitement, adrenaline and using blue lights and expensive equipment. These aspects are only tools in dealing with what really matters, patient care.
We recruit individuals that are interested in learning and contributing towards patient care above anything else. We instil this from day one and introduce various patient care, event related or learning based theories and concepts.

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Continuous professional development is a large emphasis in the development of our team. Even our first aiders maintain a portfolio of CPD (continuous professional development) sessions, workshops and other courses attended. In fact; our requirements for continuous professional development is greater than that necessary to maintain many professional career titles. This along with reflective practice ensure a great quality of care and a very positive working environment for all of our staff.
We would like to think this makes JMS stand head and shoulders above the rest in regards to any clinical services you might utilise.

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When you see a JMS first aider at your event, remember that to wear our logo they haven’t just volunteered and attended a first aid course. These individuals are selected for the values they radiate and have been moulded into very capable and confident individuals with a phenomenal grounding in first-aid.