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Suppliers can seriously affect the quality of your products/services and your ability to deliver on your promises.

creditscoreThis check was done just now, comparing our credit check (on the right), with one of our competitors (left) – obviously we won’t tell you which stone you would find them under! but the difference is clear!

If a supplier lets you down, you let your customers down (or in our business, your patients could be at risk). This can damage your business’ or NHS Trusts reputation and cause clinical or operational problems. Choosing a supplier without seeing their business report could cost you, or worse, your patients.

Getting a business report to check suppliers helps establish their stability and their ability to provide a quality service, in both the medium and long term. Choosing a reliable, financially stable supplier means that you can be confident you can always fulfil commitments to your customers.

A supplier check can help you choose the right people to work with

Business Check from Experian allows you to take an inside look at your current or potential suppliers – that’s what we use!
A business report lets you check suppliers by seeing information on:

  • The stability of suppliers by seeing their credit score
  • The future reliability of suppliers with alerts on any changes in their status

With accurate information from a supplier check profile, you can make the right choices for your patients, Trust or business!