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Jigsaw Medical
  • Doctor
  • Paramedic
  • Nurse
  • Emergency Care Assistant
  • Technician (EMT)
  • Patient Transport Services
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • First Aider
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
  • Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)
  • General Practitioner (GP)
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Jigsaw Medical
  • Doctor
  • Paramedic
  • Nurse
  • Emergency Care Assistant
  • Technician (EMT)
  • Patient Transport Services
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • First Aider
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
  • Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)
Clinical Services Clinical Services

Ambulance & Clinical Services

Advancing clinical care in the pre-hospital setting.
Staffing Options Medical Staffing Medical


Pre-Hospital A&E ambulance roles with Jigsaw Medical
Training Training

Training Courses

First aid training & FREC courses
Event Medical Event Medical

Event Medical Cover

First aid and medical cover for events uk wide

General Enquiries: 01829 732 615
Transport Bookings: 0330 311 9999

We’re hiring – Operations Supervisor (Buckinghamshire)

4th September, 2018

We are on the search for an Operations Supervisor to join #TeamJigsaw at our base in Buckinghamshire. At Jigsaw Medical we believe in peop...

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jigsaw medical pts driver instructor vehicles image

We’re Hiring – Freelance Driving Instructors

20th September, 2017

We’re hiring – Base Operations Manager (Basingstoke)

2nd August, 2017


We’re Hiring – National Events Operations Manager

7th July, 2017

Jigsaw Medical appoints new Head of Education

19th May, 2017

Jigsaw Academy First Aid for Schools…

12th May, 2017

Jigsaw Medical Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

10th May, 2017

We’re Hiring – Accounts Assistant, Cheshire

8th May, 2017

Jigsaw Launch Brand New Jigsaw Academy

14th February, 2017

Jigsaw Medical: 2016 Review

22nd December, 2016

Jigsaw Launches Brand New Online Shop

13th December, 2016

Jigsaw Medical invests in brand new training vehicle

23rd November, 2016

Bonfire Night – The #TeamJigsaw Guide to a Safer Event

5th November, 2016

Welcome to #TeamJigsaw Paul Jones as Director of Education & Training

1st November, 2016


Jigsaw Medical invests in TRiM training

13th October, 2016


We’re Hiring – Governance Administrator

11th October, 2016

Jigsaw Medical CPD…

6th October, 2016

The Virgin STRIVE Challenge 2016: From The Matterhorn to Mount Etna

5th October, 2016

We’re hiring – Vehicle Make Ready Operative

7th September, 2016

We’re hiring – Lead Paramedic Tutor (Chester)

2nd August, 2016

We’re Hiring – Operations Supervisor (Basingstoke)

24th June, 2016

Welcome to #TeamJigsaw Amelia…

22nd June, 2016

We’re Hiring! Head of Patient Transport.

27th May, 2016

Manchester Midnight Walk 10th Birthday

12th May, 2016

Jigsaw Medical Event Cover

11th May, 2016


Virgin Strive Competition

28th April, 2016

Clinical & First Aid training with Jigsaw Medical

26th April, 2016


We’re Hiring! Event Coordinator

13th April, 2016

2016 so far…

11th April, 2016


Jigsaw Medical launch new application system.

1st April, 2016

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

24th March, 2016


Jigsaw Medical to sponsor Virgin STRIVE Challenge 2016

8th March, 2016

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

4th March, 2016

Luke joins #TeamJigsaw

29th February, 2016


Media Safety in Hostile Environments

17th February, 2016


Jigsaw Medical launches Special Projects Unit

2nd February, 2016


Jigsaw Statement – Ambulance Crew Member Attacked

21st January, 2016


#TeamJigsaw New Recruits

19th January, 2016


We’re Hiring – Operations Supervisor (Buckinghamshire)

14th January, 2016


Jigsaw Friday

24th December, 2015

Universal flu vaccine a step closer

9th September, 2015

We’re Hiring! Resourcing Co-ordinator

8th September, 2015

Jigsaw Appoint New Operations Manager

1st September, 2015

Jigsaw Medical ambulance involved in motorway accident

28th August, 2015

Working long hours can increase risk of a stroke

25th August, 2015


Jigsaw Friday

14th August, 2015

We’re Hiring! HCPC Registered Paramedic – Buckingham

13th August, 2015


Jigsaw Friday

7th August, 2015

The Natterjack Charity Bike Ride

5th August, 2015

Fire Training in the Work Place

4th August, 2015


Jigsaw Friday

24th July, 2015


Jigsaw Friday

10th July, 2015


Jigsaw Friday

3rd July, 2015


Heatwave Safety Guide

30th June, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

26th June, 2015


Jigsaw Medical Summer Festival Guide

23rd June, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

19th June, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

12th June, 2015

First aid training triumphs again!

10th June, 2015


Jigsaw Medical Appoints Project & Compliance Director

2nd June, 2015


Jigsaw Medical Appoints Head of Events

14th May, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

1st May, 2015

Dangers of online medication

21st April, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

17th April, 2015


Paramedic ‘stress-related’ sick days on the rise

16th April, 2015

Energy drinks and sudden cardiac arrest – is there a link?

9th April, 2015


Healthy diet could help prevent Alzheimer’s

1st April, 2015

old man running

Fit middle-aged men have less risk of certain cancers

31st March, 2015

Jigsaw Friday

Jigsaw Friday

27th March, 2015

coffee beans

Can coffee help prevent a heart attack?

25th March, 2015

Mental health & employment

24th March, 2015

Social Media and Healthcare

20th March, 2015

Joining Jigsaw Medical and everything it involves…

4th March, 2015


19th February, 2015

Pancake Day…

17th February, 2015

First aid training saves lives!

13th February, 2015

Ambulance response times…

10th February, 2015

Corporate sponsorship, diabetes and obesity…?

6th February, 2015


How does the NHS compare to the rest of the world?

3rd February, 2015

Does the NHS need a digital revolution?

30th January, 2015

Jigsaw Medical top of the class again!

28th January, 2015

NHS and an ageing population…

20th January, 2015

Paramedics to be given bullet proof vests

19th January, 2015

First aid – could you help a choking child?

14th January, 2015

Alcohol and A&E

13th January, 2015

NHS complaints – falling standards or increased media coverage?

12th January, 2015

Ebola vaccine close…?

9th January, 2015

First Aid Courses in Cheshire & the North West

9th January, 2015

Is A&E the only option…?

8th January, 2015

A&E waiting times worst for 10 years

6th January, 2015

Shift work and health in the Medical Professions…

5th January, 2015

Feel young, live longer…?

18th December, 2014

Avoiding Crisis in the NHS this winter…

9th December, 2014

Could it Be Ebola?…

4th November, 2014

Housefly to help cure human diseases

30th October, 2014

Flying AED’s – the lifesaving potential of drones.

29th October, 2014

Registration and everything that comes with it..

27th October, 2014

Motocross, why invest in great medical cover

18th March, 2014

What is a TIA (or mini stroke)?

23rd February, 2014

The JMS Winter Music Festival Guide

12th November, 2013

Jigsaw Medical gets ready for winter with 4×4 emergency response capability

25th October, 2013

Jigsaw Medical Launches Recruitment Division

13th September, 2013

Event Paramedics – Does care at events need to be Paramedic led?

1st September, 2013

Your event, not just our care

7th August, 2013

JMS Appoints Laurie Percival as Non-Executive Director

2nd August, 2013

Clinical Governance For Private Medical & Ambulance Services

1st August, 2013

Medical Repatriations & Medical Air Escorts – Private & Insurance Air Ambulance Service

1st August, 2013

Rescusitation Training For GP’s & Doctors

28th July, 2013

Would a merger of the UK Fire & Ambulance Service work?

28th July, 2013

The Heatwave Festival Guide

19th July, 2013

Sports First Aid Training

19th July, 2013

Laerdal / Philips HearStart HS1 Defibrillator – For Home, Office, Workplace, School’s & GP’s

5th June, 2013

Defibrillators For Schools Defibs & AED’s

17th January, 2013

What is the difference between a Paramedic and a Technician?

22nd November, 2012

First Aid Training Courses For SIA Security Staff

17th September, 2012

Brugada Syndrome

6th May, 2012

NEW NHS ‘111’ Service!

20th April, 2012