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Caring for the young in the prehospital setting is a delicate and complicated task, any healthcare professional would agree!

None the less it seems a hugely avoided topic within many private or voluntary medical organisations. This is probably due to the complexity when dealing with such individuals. Not just the complexity of medical practices but other aspects as well. Does your provider know how to communicate with a child who hasn’t developed speech? Are they aware of what the parents are going through at such a time and how to act on this? These examples are just the tip of the iceberg in relation to aspects we need to consider. No truer word can be said when professionals state that “children aren’t just small adults”. This is an enormous subject and a subject we cover in depth with all of our frontline staff.
We offer many resources for such an occasion ranging from our ofstead qualified paediatric first aiders (a course we can teach you) to child branch nurses all the way to doctors with a niche in paediatrics.

Children might be resilient but this is counteracted by fearlessness and inquisitiveness which often leads to injury. Children are especially prone to falling ill as well. These problems are a natural part of growing up but this requires a particular approach to prehospital care, an approach we can cater for.
Whether you are organising a rail gala or an adventure playground party; please rest assured we have all the boxes ticked when it comes to the cover for the little people in your care.