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Well, the answer to that question depends on a number of things…

Every event regardless of size should have at least basic first aid cover, however, the level of this cover will depend on a number of factors and the guidance set out in the HSE’s Event Safety Guide (Purple Guide).

The main ones are:

  • Expected visitors / staff etc
  • Type of event (ie music event or garden fate)
  • Expected attendance groups (ie: rival teams or family’s)
  • Distance from local hospital
  • Probability of injury / illness (ie: sporting or motorsport event, music/dance event)

The ‘Event Safety Guide’ will produce a score which will then correlate to the recommended level of cover (demonstrated in a table). It is important however to contact an experienced event medical cover provider, who will be able to offer advice on recommended levels of cover – referring to the ‘Purple Guide’.

Many events are sufficiently covered without ambulance (transportation) vehicles and staff on-site are able to reduce the impact on the NHS ambulance service and A&E’s by treating on-site or recommending alternative pathways. Again, this will depend on the type and size of the event.

It must also be considered that should an ambulance capable of transportation be present, will it be able to safely leave the site with a patient without impacting on the level of cover at the event. The usual answer to this question is NO – so do you really need it? Well, many motorsport and large events require the presence of an ambulance due to the potential requirement for a rapid transfer to the hospital! – you are much better obtaining some advice from the professionals…

Please contact us for free advice and quotation: 01829 732 615 or visit our website or specific event medical cover page.