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It seems that everyone and their dog is ‘doing’ first aid training. It is a mind field and finding the right provider for your business is essential.

Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd has a training division, Marton Life Support Ltd which has over 20 years experience in specialist and HSE approved first aid training.

So What Are You Looking For??

As a company or individual requiring first aid training it is important to consider the following points when deciding which provider is for you (remembering that when (if) the HSE disbands its regulation on first aid at work, this responsibility will be yours!)

1) Does the company have their OWN HSE APPROVAL?

It is increasingly popular for people to ‘franchise’ their HSE approval to other companies, this means they are not necessarily up to the same standard as those holding their own registration (who have monitoring visits and audits)! Our training division Marton Life Support Ltd has their own HSE approval! – so don’t be afraid to ask us about it!

2) Does the company have a good reputation?

Does the training provider have a good reputation within the market? Do they work (like we, and other reputable companies do) with blue-chip companies? If they do, it is likely they have gone through pre-vetting to ensure they are a sound organization both in the services they offer and financially.

3) How Much? … for How Much?

Many of the individuals or companies that are merely ‘dabbling’ in first aid training will promise the earth for their training for very little money compared with the larger providers. They usually do not have any premises, financial viability or stability and in some cases; NO insurance!! So paying a little more to use a good first aid training company with a good reputation will save you in the long run! – Trust US! many of our customers have had negative experiences elsewhere.


If in doubt, Ask for them to demonstrate their experience, Ask for their registrations and Ask for their insurance!


We hope this article helps you in your quest, and please do not hesitate to contact us on 01244 380 699!

The Training Team,

Marton Life Support Ltd first aid training – part of Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd.