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What does the HSE say?

Event safety comes under the remit of the Health & Safety Executive… they outline the following:

(as the event organizer…)

You will have prime responsibility for the health and safety of:

  • your workers
  • members of the public (your audience / the crowd)
  • contractors working for you at the event

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough knowledge about health and safety to organise work appropriately?
  • Have I thought through and implemented good health and safety procedures and checks?

First Aid / Medical Cover For Events

We know.. it’s an absolute minefield!

The HSE states:

“As well as workers (at the event), the HSE strongly recommends that you include the visiting public in your first aid, medical and ambulance needs assessment. You should balance onsite medical and ambulance provision against existing local NHS and ambulance service provision and capacity.

Except for small, low-risk events where ambulances may not be required, and at events where they are not on site, plans should be drawn up in conjunction with the local NHS ambulance service to clarify how patients will be taken to the hospital.”

There is, however, some good news. Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd will not only provide the first aid / medical cover itself, we will also help you with major incident plans, assessing the risk and requirements for the event and liaising with the local NHS ambulance service and hospitals!

The HSE have published an event safety guide (Known in the trade as ‘The Purple Guide!’) this guide acts (amongst other things) as a medical cover calculator, and determines how many first aiders, ambulances, paramedics, doctors and nurses that your event will require. Here at Jigsaw, we will meet with you and the other relevant officials (if the event is large) and discuss, calculate and agree on theses requirements.

We are not new at events, medical management and major incident management, so contact us today to discuss your requirements!