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Watching BBC’s programme Inside Out North West last night, one tag line kept jumping out at me ‘workforce crisis’ or ‘frontline crisis’…

It states that Trusts have recruited over 300 nurses this quarter in the North West alone, so begs the question, why are we still stuck in this staffing rut? Trusts are recruiting more and more from overseas; growing numbers of nurses from the Philippines are joining the NHS and relocating to the UK to work under better conditions and join the unity which we seem to forget as our healthcare service. There may be a lot of bad press around, but I think as a community we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have the unique service that is the National Health Service which is the only one of its kind in the world.

There are so many questions that can go with issues like these, some of which we addressed in a previous blog – ‘Why are Paramedics leaving the NHS in Droves’; but the truth is nobody quite knows the exact reason why the problem is getting worse, leaving in its path a constant struggle to staff departments and meet clinical guidelines. Frontline workers in the NHS can join agencies or clinical services companies like ourselves (providing the ambulances and equipment as well) that not only endeavor to help find work that suits them but by listening to the needs and requirements of the front-line workers who, so often, are left unheard.