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Ambulance & Clinical Services

Advancing clinical care in the pre-hospital setting.
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Event Medical Cover

First aid and medical cover for events uk wide
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Training & Education

First aid training and clinical education.
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Special Projects

Solutions for the hostile, remote and security industries

General Enquiries: 01829 732 615
Transport Bookings: 0330 311 9999

Fleet Expansion

This week saw the #TeamJigsaw fleet expand considerably as we purchased 30 vehicles (25 ambulances) of which 15 are brand new! We’re going to need a bigger car park!

Meet #TeamJigsaw

This week see’s us getting to know first responder and graphic designer (he designed our business cards) Jack Watson. Jack is in the office this week helping out the Operations Team as well as working on events and studying!


Let’s see what he said when we asked him 3 random questions in an attempt to get to know him better…

Who is your favourite music artist or band?

I’ve not got one in particular, Spotify offers varierty! However I can confirm that the Jigsaw Medical office music playlist scores highly. (He knows which side his bread is buttered!)

What is your favourite film of all time?

The Bourne series – first ever spy thriller films I watched!

You’re taking part in Desert Island Discs on Radio 4, what your luxury item be?

Radio 4?! In my youth I only listen to Radio 1 so don’t even know what Desert Island Discs is! Although if I was stuck on a desert island, my luxury item would have to be a survival kit (including a flint – does that break the rules?) to make life a little easier.

We’re not sure that is in the rules but we’ll let it pass.

Jigsaw Brand

There’s been excitement in the office this week as new #TeamJigsaw branded polo t-shirts were delivered to Jigsaw House. Handed to all staff in the office and first-aiders we have to say they do look rather smart. Although you don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at some of the ladies in the office modelling them below…


And in other news…

Man calls international space station from his shed…

Adrian Lane, of Gloucestershire, sent out a call signal to the ISS and was “stunned” when he received a reply.

He told Jane Hill on the Victoria Derbyshire programme that the astronaut on board told him the “stars look like diamonds” when viewed from the station.