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Advancing clinical care in the pre-hospital setting.
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First aid and medical cover for events uk wide
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First aid training and clinical education.
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Solutions for the hostile, remote and security industries

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Why should you choose Jigsaw Medical for your event medical cover?

When it comes to the safety of event attendees or guests, cheap is definitely not always cheerful.

There are thousands of so-called event medical providers in the country, many of which are run by people who have never worked on an actual Ambulance and are not Paramedics; would you want these looking after your event?

The expression “you get what you pay for” could not be truer for the event medical profession. Any decent provider will tell you that drugs, compliance, vehicles, staff and an office where people can arrange all of this are very expensive. When it comes to something as serious as potentially life or death – you cannot afford to cut corners.

How can #TeamJigsaw help?

Jigsaw Medical provides teams of first aiders, Ambulance crews, Paramedics and other health care professionals at all of our mass gathering festival events. We are able to provide comprehensive help and medical treatment if you need it. We provide a range of services, including:

  • Fully trained first aid teams
  • Registered Paramedics and Emergency Ambulance staff
  • Emergency Doctors
  • Ambulances & Response Cars
  • Field Hospitals and recovery areas
  • Minor injuries care & GP clinics

The resources we use and the way we use them are specifically tailored based on research and experience. It’s this effort and this commitment to care that has lead to such great feedback from our clients and patients alike and such positive outcomes in all that we do.

2014 was a particularly exciting year for our Event Cover division as we provided cover for many high-profile events, with the following particularly standing out:

  • Tour de Yorkshire – supporting the first aid providers, NHS ambulance services and event medical management company with the provision of numerous paramedics, nurses, and doctors throughout the 2 days.
  • The Big Reunion, UK’s Biggest Winter Music Festival – providing comprehensive medical services and treatment for all festival goers.
  • Born Survivor – we were proud to provide the medical cover for the military obstacle course race, Born Survivor. Set in the beautiful grounds of Capesthorne Hall it involved tough, extreme challenges based on the organisers personal military training experiences as an elite Royal Marine Commando. #TeamJigsaw provided a comprehensive and fully bespoke medical cover for this high-profile event.


We have also provided medical cover at high-risk events such as motocross. Our team has implemented many potentially life and limb saving interventions at these events, most of which can only be given by a registered health care professional like a Paramedic or Doctor.

It’s, for this reason, we always recommend our customers use such resources at their events. The risk factor means that every similar event we cover is planned from every angle. All clinical and first aid staff are trained in what to expect and how to respond in this unique setting. We are also very proud to state that our team has access to more life-saving and pain-relieving resources than the vast majority; if not all other prehospital care providers.

We are very proud of what we do and urge anyone hosting a risky event (or any event for that matter) to let us prove ourselves like we have done so many times before.


Get in touch!

If you’re are hosting an event and in need of medical cover don’t hesitate to visit our website and get in touch with us at Jigsaw Medical and let us show what we can do for you.