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Jigsaw Medical and Special Projects is proud to have recently invested in TRiM Training for all their Directors and Senior Management.

What exactly is TRiM?

TRiM is a peer support system, intended to aid ‘’at risk’ organisations (such as ambulance services) to support their staff after traumatic events through support and education. People within the companies become qualified TRiM practitioners and are taught to conduct specific risk assessments following a traumatic incident.

The proactive approach to traumatic events may help reduce the effects and impact on personnel who may be struggling to cope following a significant incident, and as a result, can reduce the impact on their colleagues and the company as a whole.

How did TRiM originate?

TRiM was initially developed within the military in the UK as an evidence-based alternative to methods previously used, which lacked scientific evidence, effectiveness, and also in some instances caused further harm.

Since its inception, it has been embraced by numerous organisations as well as the military, such as law enforcement, emergency services (like Jigsaw), security services, the media to name a few.

We are so proud to be involved in something like this and would like to thank the guys from DNA Definitive for such a fantastic training session.

Why TRiM?

As we talked about on the Jigsaw Blog last year, work-related stresses and therefore sick days are on the rise within the emergency services, and being involved in a traumatic incident can have a major and long effect on the individuals involved.

In fact, a 2007 report noted that impaired work efficiency, as a result of mental disorders, costs the UK £15.1 billion a year, with mental-health-related absenteeism costing an additional £8.4 billion annually. (Source

TRiM can not only help to determine those individuals who may be having difficulty it also results in the organisation having a reliable system in place to ensure they meet their legal duty of care requirements. It can also have a positive effect on raising awareness and removing the stigma associated with mental health issues.


As a result of the above, Jigsaw Medical was delighted to invite, Andy McCann, Dr Mark Stacey, and Steve Eaton MBE from DNA Definitive into the #TeamJigsaw Head Office in Cheshire to train all Directors and Senior Management, from across all of Jigsaw’s bases about the aspect of TRiM.

CEO Chris Percival stated: “At Jigsaw we have constantly repeated that we are only as good as the team we have in place, be that the Admin staff, to the ambulance crews on the road, all the way up to Board level, and investing in making so many of the team TRiM practitioners, can only be a positive in ensuring the happiness and well-being of all team members. We are so proud to be involved in something like this and would like to thank the guys from DNA Definitive for such a fantastic training session.”

For more information on Jigsaw Medical and TRiM training please don’t hesitate to contact us on or give us a call on 01829 732 615.