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(from left to right) Mark Cowne (of Kuger Cowne), Mike Newman, Chris Percival (Paramedic & CEO of Jigsaw Medical), Patrick Mccaffery (Strategic Consultant)

Jigsaw Medical Sponsors Speed of SightJigsaw Medical proudly supported Mike Newman and the team at Speed of Sight by providing sponsorship and Paramedic cover from our Founder & Director Chris Pericival, who was appointed Mike’s personal Paramedic and Speed of Sight Chief Medical Officer in June 2013.

Mike is an adrenaline junkie and simply an inspirational man, who now holds a number of Guinness world records. Being blind does not stop Mike from accomplishing his dreams!

A former bank manager, Mike broke the blind water speed world record by travelling at more than 93mph. Meaning he now holds the blind land and water speed records simultaneously.

The 52-year-old, from Manchester, sped across Torquay harbour in a Formula 1 powerboat.


After breaking the blind land speed record in September by driving at an average speed of 186mph in a Porsche, again with the support of Jigsaw Medical Services and Chris.

The previous blind water speed record stood at 91mph, set by former soldier Mark Threadgold in 2003.

1397864_704174522927207_363080327_oMr Newman steered the £300,000 boat, called Silverline, while international powerboat racer Drew Langdon manned the throttle and directed him, with a press and support boat which included an emergency team, led by our Paramedic.

The main sponsors, included Jigsaw Medical, SCAN Computers, Intel and Kruger Cowne – the leading Talent Management company.

Jigsaw Medical are proud to continue sponsoring and supporting Mike and the team and look forward to what is to come! is powered by eJigsaw