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Although everyone does want to have fun on Halloween and gather a huge pile of sweets. There are precautions that you can take to make sure your children and yourself stay safe. Firstly children, don’t enter people’s houses even if they invite you in; there’s some strange people out there let’s just say! Next, I would advise that you go around with your children until they are old and mature enough to roam the village by themselves. Just remind them to take their phones with them. A few years after that they’ll most likely be bored of the usual trick or treating and will be off to parties with their “peeps”.

There are plenty of things to do for Halloween if the going outside bit isn’t for you. Carving the pumpkin, get creative with a few of these designs:erzshtg

Anyway, back to the safety aspect, as a general rule, it is always best that you check that the sweets haven’t been tampered with before your children eat them, maybe steal a few pieces for yourself first but not too many, you scoundrel!

Make sure your crazy, wild Halloween designs are kept under control in the sense that they’re not going to trip up the trick-or-treater’s, that wouldn’t be very clever. Next point is to keep sharp objects away from your children no matter how well it goes with the costume and instead make sure they carry glowsticks to help find them in the dark.