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The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) states that:

14 In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of people attending a music event, as well as the employees, contractors and subcontractors working at the event, health and safety has to be managed. It is of fundamental importance to appreciate that planning for effective health and safety management should start at the same time as the planning for all other aspects of the proposed event.

The exact requirements of medical cover at your event will depend on a number of factors, for example the type of event: whether you need paramedics for motorsport events, simple first aid cover for a local event or festival medical cover for a mass gathering event for 100,000 revelers. You will need to obtain some advice from an event medical services provider (such as Jigsaw Medical Services) who will be able to assist you with their own experiences in the industry and with the guidance of the HSE event safety guide (purple guide).

The HSE’s ‘Purple Guide’ is a comprehensive reference guide for the use in determining medical cover requirements for events and planning resilience, access, egress and emergency planning. It is used to aid the planning of the smallest local events right through to the large festivals, dance and music concerts.

Jigsaw Medical Services has a wealth of experience in planning and providing cover for events large and small. We are able to provide free advice and a comprehensive planning service as part of our event medical & first aid cover packages. Our team of full-time clinical staff are able to plan for all eventualities and develop a in-house bespoke service from initial planning, right through to De-breifing a reporting.