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It would be reasonable to state that one of our riskiest events is motocross. We don’t have anything against the risk factor, we appreciate that if there was little risk; there would be little pleasure. We do however believe that there should be a good safety net in place when luck isn’t on a riders side.

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Our team have implemented many potentially life and limb saving interventions at these events, most of which can only be given by a registered health care professional like a Paramedic or doctor.
Its for this reason we always recommend our customers use such resources at their events.

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The risk factor means that every motocross event we cover is planned from every angle. All clinical and first aid staff are trained in what to expect and how to respond in this unique setting.
We are also very proud to state that our team has access to more life saving and pain relieving resources than the vast majority; if not all other prehospital care providers.

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The resources we use and the way we use them are specifically tailored based on research and experience. Its this effort and this commitment to care that has lead to such great feedback from our clients and patients alike and such positive outcomes in all that we do.
We are very proud of what we do and urge anyone hosting a risky event to let us prove ourselves like we have done so many times before.

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