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Specialist Medical Teams for the remote, hostile and austere environments

Jigsaw Special Projects provide Specialist Paramedic Medevac services for the most challenging of environments. Our Specialist Paramedics are extremely experienced in delivering flight-based medical care in various settings around the world. They are Senior Autonomous Healthcare Professionals, having a background  within UK Special Forces, they are experienced not only in providing Emergency Medical Care but also in Primary Health Care, Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Prolonged Fieldcare. This combined high level of tactical and medical skill it enables the Specialist Paramedic to provived critical life saving care for up to six hours without support. This is a an essential skillset when operating in the remote and hostile environment. Our teams are able to administer a wide range of medicines and carry out a number of advanced procedures. Our Specialist Paramedic skillset includes managing difficult airways (including surgical airways), a high level of clinical knowledge and diagnostic capability. They are able to sedate patients, administer a complex range of emergency medicines and carry out a number of emergency surgical procedures in order to sustain life and prevent casualties from deteriorating, including;

  • ‘FAST’ Ultrasound Scanning
  • i-STAT Blood Analysis
  • Mechanical CPR Device
  • Endotracheal Intubation & Advanced Airway Management (including Surgical Airway)
  • Thoracostamy
  • Intravenous Cannulation
  • Interosseous Needle Insertion
  • Full Autonomous Cardiac Defibrillation & Cardiac Pacing
  • 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG (EKG)
  • Various Diagnostic Tools
  • Advanced Drug Administration (including sedation, analgesia)
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Primary Health Care
  • Anti-biotic Administration

Our team of Specialist Paramedics are able to deliver exceptional evidence based medical care, from when they first make contact with the patient on the ground, to the stabilization and ‘packaging’ of the patient, to subsequent continued care in flight. The combination of the skills and experience of our Specialist Paramedics, coupled with the availability of the very latest advanced medical equipment and a large range of drugs/procedures available, affords casualties a World standard level of emergency medical care. We additionally provide 24/7 access to Senior Consultant Doctors remotely, who are able to provide specific guidance on their respective specialties (cardiac, surgical etc). Thus, we are able to enhance care for specific and complex cases, where the transit time to a place of definitive care may be delayed.

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"I have been doing Moto X for many years and had to see the medics a few times, but I have never seen anyone provide the meticulous level of care that you guys have......"

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