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General Enquiries: 01829 732 615
Transport Bookings: 0330 311 9999

  • This is for:

    This course is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification specifically designed for people who have a specific responsibility at work, or in voluntary and community activities, to provide prehospital care to patients requiring emergency care/treatment at an incident. Recognised by many as a Technician/EMT equivalent. Learners must be at least 18 years old, have successfully completed the QA Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (QCF) (L4 FREC) qualification or a QA recognised equivalent and have access to, and be able to evidence, 750hrs worth of clinical practice.

  • Objectives:

    The objective of the qualification is to benefit Learners by enabling them to attain the knowledge, skills and practical competencies needed to deal with a wide range of prehospital emergency and urgent situations. The qualification is designed to act as proof the Learner has undergone a programme of learning and assessment to demonstrate competency in prehospital care.

  • Certification:

    The Learner receives one certificate on achieving this qualification. The certificate date is the date the Learner achieves the final unit. This qualification is valid if a Learner maintains a CPD portfolio and attends Immediate Life Support updates to remain qualified.

Course Summary

This course contains four units. Learners must complete all assessments in all the units successfully within the registration period to achieve the qualification. The maximum period to achieve this qualification, including any referrals is 104 weeks. It is comprised of the following two elements: Guided Learning Hours (GLH) with several hours where a Learner is expected to spend preparing and studying in a self-directed manner and learning and assessment in clinical practice, as directed by (but not under the immediate guidance or supervision of) a Trainer, 750 hours must be evidenced through clinical placement.

This course runs regularly at our Cheshire and Chester training centres. Please contact us for more details: 01829 732 615


The FREC Level 5 includes the following:

  • The role and responsibilities of those providing first response emergency and urgent care
  • Communication with service users and others to determine professional opinion, obtain clinical advice and inform clinical decision making
  • Personal performance and review
  • Conducting research relevant to prehospital care
  • Human anatomy and physiology and the effects diseases and disorders have on the body
  • Assessing and managing acute symptoms for a range of conditions
  • Assessing and managing a patient with chest pain
  • Recognising and managing life threatening infections
  • Supporting labour and childbirth
  • Managing complications during childbirth
  • Supporting older people and service users with specific needs
  • Providing end of life care
  • Managing a variety of prehospital care incidents in line with current legislation, protocols, and guidelines
  • Managing resources for a range of prehospital care incidents
  • Post-incident management in the prehospital care environment
  • interpreting ECGs and capnography in order to inform treatment decisions
  • Managing patients affected by incapacitating agents

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