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Advancing clinical care in the pre-hospital setting.
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First aid training and clinical education.
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12th December | 3 pm – Statement in relation to staff social media comment.

It has been brought to our attention, that a small cohort of Jigsaw Medical personnel appear in an image, allegedly posted with an ‘ill-advised’ caption, on a private Social Media media account operated by one of our staff members (not connected to the company). We can confirm that an image was identified by Jigsaw Medical’s social media team within 20 mins of it being posted and a request for it to be immediately removed was issued to the member of staff. Despite this, we understand that an individual took a “screen shot” of the image and caption, which is now circulating around social media.

We cannot currently confirm that this caption is the same as the original posting by our member of staff, as this has now been deleted. Furthermore, we cannot, therefore, confirm that the ‘screenshot’ image currently circulating social media has not been amended from its original context. In any event, Jigsaw Medical do not condone such actions and are very disappointed that this incident has occurred. We can confirm that Jigsaw will be conducting a formal investigation of the circumstances and will be taking appropriate action against those involved.

Jigsaw treat all such incidences extremely seriously and we do not tolerate discriminatory comments or behavior in any way, shape or form; and our policies surrounding our professional expectations of our team, are clear.