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Christmas is for spending time with the family and loved ones, eating and drinking too much, and giving and receiving presents. However many of the things that make Christmas so special can also be particularly hazardous.


Ensure any candles are positioned away from other flammable decorations and make sure they are extinguished before going out or to sleep.

Never attach tinsel or other decorations to lights or over heaters as they are highly flammable, and once a light will burn very quickly (as this video proves).

People have a tendency to overload electrical sockets at Christmas, and plugging in too many appliances into one socket can start a fire through overheating. Ensure yours aren’t overloaded with this handy calculator from Electrical Safety First.

Make sure all electrical appliances are switched off when not in use; particularly things like Christmas lights as these can overheat and start a fire very easily.


Always ensure that the presents you buy for children are for the correct age range, as toys for older children may have small or dangerous parts that a younger child could swallow and choke on.

Also, ensure any small decorations are kept away from small children as these can also be a choking hazard.

Make sure that presents are bought from reputable sources that will comply with the strict toy safety standards; this particularly applies to presents that have an electrical component.

The Kitchen

Keep children out of the kitchen, for their own safety and for yours. The last thing you want is to trip on a child and scald or burn yourself or a child.

Ensure all ovens, grills, hobs etc. are turned off when finished with.

Most people like a little tipple of the Christmas period but make sure that all alcohol bottles (both full and empty) are kept in high places out of reach or discarded properly so children can’t access them.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, so follow the above tips and ensure that you have an enjoyable and most importantly safe Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Jigsaw Medical.