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If you are attending a music festival or event this winter, including the UK’s Largest Indoor Winter Music Festival or Major Christmas lights switch on’s (yes its that time of year!) – then you may well be in the care of the team at Jigsaw Medical Services.

As an experienced provider of event medical care, we have developed a guide (similar to our ‘Heatwave Festival Guide’, which was used for advice during our summer festivals), all designed to make sure you know what we are there for, what you could do to help and most of all that we are actually really friendly people, who are there to help!

Staying out of trouble…

Alcohol – Drink in moderation. Hangover headaches usually respond if you drink plenty of water.

Burns – Camping gas accidents are the most common cause of serious burns. Never change these canisters in or near a tent and make sure the canister is threaded properly before lighting. Beware of wax flares and candles. Only buy from sellers authorised by the Festival. Every year some irresponsible people sell unapproved flares and candles which cause nasty, sight-threatening eye injuries – so if you are uncertain they are legit, don’t buy!

Crowds – Can be dangerous places. Crowd surfing may look like fun, but would you like to be dropped and trampled? Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Drugs – Stay safe, don’t take drugs.

Medicines and medication – Bring some over-the-counter remedies for headache, tooth ache, minor cuts, burns or bruises. Ask your local pharmacist for advice. If you suffer from hay fever, remember to bring enough nasal spray, eye drops or antihistamine tablets to last through the Festival. Remember to bring any regular medications you might need. Jigsaw Medical can look after your medication, but please come and see us for some advice – it may be more sensible to keep hold of your own medication. If you require any emergency medication and have forgotten your own (such as your inhaler, EpiPen or Glucagon) or need further help, then come and see us, we are able to administer these drugs (amongst others) if you need them.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 19.48.42How to get help in an emergency:

If you need medical or first aid attention, make your way, if you can, to one of the medical facilities, or approach a member of our friendly festival medical or first aid team! In an emergency, approach a steward, member of staff, security, or a police officer, any of whom will be able to summon assistance.

Only dial 999 from a mobile phone as a last resort – this may not be the most effective means of getting help on the Festival site.

Don’t try to make your way off site to hospital without seeing us first – this may result in very long and possibly dangerous delays in getting treatment, we are on site to look after you so come and see us first!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 19.48.55How Can We Help?

Jigsaw Medical provides teams of first aiders, Ambulance crews, Paramedics and other health care professionals at all of our mass gathering festival events. We are able to provide comprehensive help and medical treatment if you need it. We provide a range of services, including*:

  • Fully trained first aid teams
  • Registered Paramedics and Emergency Ambulance staff
  • Emergency Doctors
  • Ambulances & Response Cars
  • Field Hospitals and recovery areas
  • Minor injuries care & GP clinics

… so make sure you know where your on site medical team are… should you need us during your stay, and don’t be afraid to come and say hi to our team!


Contact Jigsaw Medical Services Limited today and ask about our festival medical services. Call: 01829 732 615

*this list depends on the festival you are attending, please make sure you are aware of the services available.