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If we had a pound for every time we had a phone call (on the day of the event) that the provider booked for that particular event has not turned up.. and can we bail them out!

We do our very best to bail people out when they have been let down… but why not book with the reliable, professional and dependable companies in the first place!

It’s no joke!

For an event organiser who has spent years, months or weeks working day and night to organise an event, the last thing you want is to be let down on the day and have the event ruined by an event medical cover provider not turning up!

Top Tips to Prevent YOUR event being ruined by lack of medical / first aid cover!…

1) Confirmation over the phone means nothing! – At Jigsaw Medical Services we provide all of our event customers a written confirmation of their booking which confirms their written quotation and resources/staff booked for the event!

2) Cheap is NOT always cheerful! – Yes, Billy Bob down the road may be able to bring his first aid kit to your event, but not only does this not constitute adequate first aid cover. It also leaves you hoping they turn up! – its best to leave it to the professionals!

3) Paying nothing means you may, in fact, get nothing! – Charitable medical providers are often called upon to provide medical cover for events, however! volunteers are exactly that – what if they decide not to come to their voluntary job that day? – Yes, you have to pay for services from Jigsaw Medical Services but our staff are full-time paid professionals who not only have a moral obligation to turn up, we have a legal one!

4) Another of the issues we commonly face is providers actually turning up to an event, albeit with a lack of equipment, insurance, staff or vehicles! As an organiser of an event, it is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate provision. Should this fail to turn up, your event could be at risk of being suspended / cancelled by the local authority, police or ambulance service! – So once again, our advice to you is… use the professionals!

Why go through, days, months or even years of planning to have it all ruined by inexperienced, unreliable or unprofessional medical providers? – Call the professionals at Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd and let us take care of your first aid & medical needs!