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If you follow our social media sites then you will know that we had a day out at Chester Races at the weekend. Food, drinks, bets and good times were had by all.

However, this is not always the case at certain places. Having worked in many offices where people clocked in and clocked out, didn’t speak, performed the same repetitive task each day and were even scared to speak to Management/Directors, it definitely isn’t conducive to a happy and productive working environment.

With the tech boom in the 90’s came companies like Google that revolutionised the office space and working environment. Surreal workspaces, garden terraces, pool tables, free food, music, fun and laughter, and since then companies, even in non-creative industries such as ours, are embracing this ethos.

It’s not just anecdotal either, studies have found this to be the case. Having fun in the workplace and enjoying your job not only boosts morale and makes a company more attractive to work for, it also increases productivity and positive behaviours such as helping colleagues, as well as promoting loyalty to the business.  People like to feel part of a team.


Here at Jigsaw Medical we follow a strong ethos of work hard play hard in and out of the office, and for good reason. The office has a vibrant and fun feel to it, which in turn makes people work harder for the company. It seems a simple concept but there are companies and in particular directors of those companies who do not embrace this culture, opting to remain much more traditional. It’s a generation thing, this is what they have grown up with. Admittedly at #TeamJigsaw it helps that our CEO is a mere 23 years old and effectively just wants to create somewhere he wants to spend the majority of his time (and don’t get him started on the suit/tie dress code!)

It’s not only our office staff that enjoy the benefits of working for Jigsaw though, the Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Technicians, ECAs, ACAs, down to the First Aiders love it too.

Many other recruitment agencies have lost their way in this area and solely focus on margins and profits, but not us. Jigsaw provides an enjoyable working environment inside and outside of the office where your concerns are listened to and you can be supported to create a healthy working environment. Our people are our focus and by doing this we have gone from strength to strength.

As our CEO Chris Percival said recently in a twitter interview with My Incubator Ventures (@myincventures):


If you want to work with an agency that definitely hasn’t lost its way and put its people first, register with us or contact our team at #TeamJigsaw and find out for yourself.