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This week I have been developing some training programmes with a difference on top of the normal events cover I have provided.
The normal course of training involves learning how the body works, what can go wrong and what we can do about it. Of course we incorporate this as the core of our training but as all prehospital care individual knows the first thing you consider is your environment.

20130807-075813 PM.jpg

We are formulating modules to help our staff better appreciate the unique environments they encounter.
When you look at the bigger picture it becomes obvious how important this form of training is. One common example is track racing. It is crucial we all understand the protocols used to ensure safety, the forms of communication utilised and what specialised clothing and equipment we can expect when we work with a patient. The list of training criteria for this particular type of event runs much further.

20130807-080607 PM.jpg

It is not only track racing that requires a great knowledge, festivals, fetes, motocross and many other events require a specific knowledge base to ensure practical, efficient and safe healthcare.

20130807-080331 PM.jpg

Because there isn’t a great amount of training already available for this sort of thing we create our own syllabuses. Its hard to get a good idea of what these events involve without the knowledge from someone from that area. as such we always source help from experts in these fields and combine this joint knowledge to create a training module that better allows us to provide the best service possible.